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The advisers of Knox Grove Financial, LLC are serving more than just plans

One would generally not associate “family, ” “community, ” and “charity” with something as technical as “Financial Group.” At Knox Grove Financial, LLC in Pennington, N.J., these three words are the foundation of their business. Christina Nash, Founder and CEO of Knox Grove Financial and advisers Brian Hartmann and Bill Stolow wouldn’t have it any other way.

Personalized attention to clients, best-in-class service to clients and the community are embedded into the backbone of the Knox Grove Financial values.

Knox Grove Financial is a boutique financial firm that offers personal, business and private services, including investment and income strategies, income tax reduction strategies, advanced estate conservation strategies, annuities, life insurance and 401k retirement plans and services. Nash says the firm offers a more holistic approach in terms of finding the best path forward for Knox Grove’s individual clients, with their client’s unique lives and goals at the forefront of operations.


“A lot of firms are very one-track based,” Nash says. “They either offer investments or insurance or employee benefits. This can often make things more difficult for the client. We offer a variety of services to meet all client needs.”

Similar to Nash, Bill Stolow and Brian Hartmann, financial advisers at Knox Grove Financial, sit down one-on-one with a new client for an introductory consultation. This initial consultation allows each adviser to gauge the needs of the client and create a starting point for the relationship.

“It’s important we have a comprehensive conversation in the beginning to find out what’s important to them, what’s keeping them up at night, where their assets are, and how we can meet their goals,” Nash states. “We want to ensure that our firm is a good fit for the client.”

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